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tuition and financial aid


Contact us to find out more about our financial aid options.  Text 208-539-7063 or email


We also have options for paying tuition directly through the school: Financial agreements can be arranged with the school during the registration process.  We ask students to create a contract of payments that will work best for their financial situation. 

  • This typically involves a down payment, with monthly payments to be paid in full by the end of the program you are attending.

  • Some students opt to pay the entire amount upfront.

Infinity School of Massage is an approved vendor with the  Idaho Division of Vocational Rehabilitation.  Funding opportunities are  available through this agency for qualified students



Class: September Day Program 2024-2025, ~7 month program

We offer a cash discount, contact us for current pricing.




*Students will need to own a massage table by the 2nd week of school.  Tables may be purchased through the school or by private sale as the student desires. 

To reserve your place in class, you must submit an enrollment application. There is non-refundable $75.00 application fee which will be deducted from tuition upon enrollment.

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