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infinity philosophy

We believe:


That dedication and passion produce excellence. The finest education comes from exceptional educators; practicing professionals who are passionate about what they do. 


We Believe:


That by staffing our school with experts in their field of instruction, each with diverse backgrounds and educations, students will be exposed to a world of knowledge from each instructor’s unique experiences, perspectives, practical applications, and “tricks of the trade” which come from years of dedication and professional experience.

We believe:


That the combination of knowledge, intention, and intuition creates a powerfully aware and mindful massage practitioner. 


We believe: 

In our holistic approach that integrates the educational presentation with opportunity and encouragement for the students to tune into their own inner strength and guidance.


We know: 

That these “soft” listening skills in conjunct with practical skills and knowledge produce a well-rounded and balanced level of confidence and proficiency, both professionally and personally.

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