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the inspiration behind Infinity school of massage

The inspiration to create Infinity School of Massage was received by school owner Briana Low while attending continuing education training in Twin Falls, ID. 


Continuing education is always a bonding experience between the participants, and that weekend she had been particularly impressed with the caliber of colleagues she found herself with.  

Briana recalls: “We had all been challenged by the content being presented to us in that 50th hour of CE and were all a bit loopy and a little brain dead…  my mind wandered and that’s when the idea came to me.  It was one of those instances where you transcend the moment and see a bigger, unified picture. 


There are so many amazing therapists out there who have dedicated 20-30 years of their lives pursuing, practicing, and mastering their particular area(s) of interest.

It occurred to me what an amazing opportunity it would be to bring this melting pot of knowledgeable, heart centered, massage therapists under one roof in a school setting; each teaching the subject matter they have a passion for! It would truly make for an incredible education and experience for incoming therapists.”


"I am deeply humbled and honored to have such talented and dedicated instructors in our school.  These Massage Therapists are the best of the best.  ~ Briana

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